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Greatest Rock & Roll Band Ever


OK, argubly the band with the greatest critical success.  However, from a standpoint of commercial success, the band has an amazing number of records.
Guinness World Records held by The Beatles
Biggest All-Times Sales For A Band
The Beatles have amassed the greatest sales for any group. All-time sales have been estimated by EMI at over one billion discs and tapes to date. In 2001, they had been certified for album sales of 163.5 million in the US alone. The band has numerous other world records, including that for most recorded song - Lennon and McCartney's "Yesterday" had 1,600 versions recorded between 1965 and January 1, 1986. Also, their album titled 1, released on November 13, 2000, sold 13.5 million copies around the world in its first month, making it the fastest-selling album.
10th Place - Please Please Me
09th Place - Let It Be
08th Place - Help!
07th Place - A Hard Day's Night
06th Place - Magical Mystery Tour
05th Place - The White Album
04th Place - Rubber Soul
03th Place - Revolver
02th Place - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
01th Place - Abbey Road
Don't agree.  That's OK.  Tell us you choice for the best all time Beatle album and top single HERE.