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Vet Pics In Uniform

AHS 65 VETERAN UNIFORM PICTURES & Comments       *Deceased

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Alford, Dick--Army, Vietnam


Baker, Jim*--Army, Vietnam

Marla Beiser Baker: "Jim was south South Viet Nam and always said in his letters that he did not face much action. But the phrase WAR IS HELL was used frequently although he kept his 'secrets.' Much later I found that he had 1400 combat flying hours as a helicopter mechanic."


Barnett, Larry--Air Force, Lt. Col.


Bassford, Curt--Army, Vietnam


Karl Beers--U.S. Coast Guard



Bernard, Jeff--Army, Vietnam, Warrant Office Helicopters
Call sign : BANDIT 34 Call Sign : THUNDERBIRD RED 4. See his Classmate Profile for more pics


*Bohn, Charles--Marines, Vietnam


Booth, Forrest Martin--Army


Borman, Larry--Army, Tay Ninh Vietnam 1969.




Bosaw, Steve--Army, Vietnam


Bratton, Terry--Army


*Bull, Robert--Marines


Carver, John, Army, Vietnam 1/46th Infantry 

"I ran across this picture which is my favorite of all those taken in Vietnam.  I’m actually smiling!"



*Cox, Donald--Army


Crawford, Sherlene Ingram USAF 1965, served 2 yrs.



Darr, James--Air Force, Vietnam 1968-69




*Davis, Robert N.--Marines, died in Vietnam



*Defrates, Donald--Air Force


*Dilly, Donald--Navy


*Diserens, Don--Army


Dixon, George--Army



*Dooley, Dennis--Army, died in Vietnam



Duffey, James--Army


*Dunn, Michael--Army


*Elliott, James--Army


*Frost, Ronald--Army, Medical Corps



*Gillean, Gary--Army, died in Vietnam


*Green, David--Marines, Vietnam




Griesemer, Robert--Navy


Henderson, James--Army




Holliday, Danny--Army, Vietnam 1967--"I was a Hospital Corpsman that served with the 1st and 3rd Marine Divisions. Bob (Redman) and I served together in The Hue Phu Bai area." From Bob Redman: "When I was wounded in Vietnam, Danny Holliday was our Corpsman and treated my wound and put me on a medivac helicopter to the hospital, and on to Japan for treatment."


*Homer, Francis--Navy, optician



Jones, Mike--Army, Military Intelligence:  "I was drafted out of law school. Spent 30 weeks in El Paso, TX learning to speak Vietnamese, and 7 weeks at Fort Hood, TX in Interrogation School. I then spent a tour of duty in Viet Nam as a prisoner of war interrogator."



Jones, Ruby--Army 


Kennedy, John--Army


*Macias, Frank--Army



*Madson, Robert--Army, died in Vietnam



McCartney, Herb--Air Force, Technical Instructor


McCormick, Doug--Army

Doug McCormick, July 1966. Had to pay for this haircut. Who remembers their basic training haircut?

From left, Doug McCormick  and Randy Turk, with Dale Parrish (class of 63). Doug : "Taken day the Pueblo was captured. We almost got caught up in a mess of sh**. 31 N. Koreans crossed the DMZ just down the dirt road fron Randy's compound where we were visiting...We were lucky to get back safely."


McGibany, Jim--Army


McGibany, Moine--Army, Vietnam, Sept 1967, in DucPho.


Osborn, Gaylen--Army


Redman, Bob--Marines, Vietnam, heavy weapons rockets and flamethrower.



*Rice, David--Army



Riney, George--Army, Vietnam, 5th/27 Artillery (Gunner). See his Classmate Profile for more pictures.




Schildroth, Lenny--Navy. Yeoman 2nd Class from 1969 to 1973 
•    One year at Naval Station in Adak Alaska as a Chaplain’s Assistant
•    Two years with ASW Group 3 (Antisubmarine Warfare) 
o    on the Admiral’s staff on the Ticonderoga (CVS-14) aircraft carrier
o    home ported in San Diego California on North Island
o    One WestPac cruise – Hawaii, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Subic Bay (Philippines) Singapore (Pacific and Indian Ocean)
•    One Year Radarman A School in Great Lakes Illinois as Office Supervisor (See his profile for a picture of the Ticonderoga (CVS-14).)


*Schneider, Paul--Army



Scott, Dave--Army. "Here's one of me the day I was discharged from the Army, Sept. 9, 1969."



Sims, Jerry--Army, Vietnam


*Scott, Walter--Marines, 20 years service


Sloan, Dan--Army


*Sorbie, Tom--Army, Vietnam. Visiting with Moine McGibany (left) in DucPho.


Springman, Ron, Army: Dropped out of AHS senior year and spent 10 years in military, two in Vietnam.
"I was with the 199th Inf.Bde, Camp Frenzel Jones"


*Turk, Randy--Army, Korea, Corp of Engineers




Viviano, Jim--Air Force, Vietnam



*Wahl, Morris--Army, Vietnam


Watkins, Roger--Air Force, Vietnam



White, Steve--Army, Vietnam. Drafted November 1967, Fort Leonard Wood, Fort Polk, Fort Benning, Fort Polk and Viet Nam.




*Wilson, Ron--Marines, Died in Vietnam

Ron Wilson with Bob Redman, first weekend leave at Camp Pendleton. Note from Bob: "Ron Wilson and I went into the Marines on the buddy plan. I went to Vietnam first. Ron went a year later and was killed a month after he got there. I was the honor guard at his funeral. What a hard thing to do. He was my best friend, and I loved him."




*Witcher, Lenny--Marines, died in Vietnam



*Woods, Stephen--Army, died in Vietnam



Zumwalt, Camiela (Fisher)--Air Force 1965-1968. " I served with the 1809 Support Squadron in California.  I was in personnel  processing men in and out of the Asian theater and other bases in Europe. These were mostly officers, pilots and crew, and upper ranking NCO's."