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View Small Print Articles

From time-to-time newspaper clipping appear on this website.  The condition of these article are often poor and the amount of space our web pages allow often makes the print quite small.

There is a way that most browsers, applications that are used to read the internet, can magnify the articles.  Here is the simply procedure for accomplishing this in Internet Explorer. Oh, and if you are not sure which browser you are using you can look on the menu bar at the top of the browser and click on Help.  Usually at the bottom of the dropdown menu you will see About and (the name of your browser). In this forthcoming example, it will be About Internet Explorer.  See below:


To magnify the page with the newpaper clipping (or any web page for that fact) ckick on VIEW (green arrow) on the menu bar (red box), then click on Zoom (blue arrow) to open up the zoom options and then click on any present zoom percentage. A good start would be around 200 to 250 %.  You can adjust from there to your preference but remember, any setting below 100 % will be smaller than you started with.

Also, remember that we are magnifying an image with a given quality level. If you magnify an image that is somewhat blury, the more you magnify it the blurier to will become.  Just adjust the magnification of the image until you have the most readable quality posible.  It is preferable to trying to strain your eyes reading very small print.