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Military: 7 We Lost In Vietnam


Vietnam Casualties from Alton High School 1965

Findagrave tributes to 7classmates from class of 1965 of Alton High School in Alton, Illinois, killed in Vietnam.

On menu at left, under VETERANS/MILITARY click on MILITARY: 7 WE LOST IN VIETNAM and their names will appear.

Click on each name to read more about each one individually. 

Robert Davis--Marines--died 4-26-1966--buried Valhalla Memorial Park, Godfrey

Dennis Dooley--Army--died 11-12-1966--buried Short Cemetery, Cottage Hills

Gary Gillean--Army--died 9-8-1967--buried Rose Lawn Memory Gardens, Bethalto.

Bob Madson--Army--died 4-10-1968--buried Valhalla Memorial Park, Godfrey.

Ron Wilson--Marines--died 9-14-1967--buried Rose Lawn Memory Gardens, Bethalto. 

Lenny Witcher--Marines--died 9-15-66--buried St. Patrick's Cemetery, Godfrey

Stephen Woods--Army--died 3-6-1968--buried Oakwood Cemetery, Alton.






Vietnam Bench Alton VFW 1308

Bench at Alton, Ill., VFW 1308, dedicated to 35 area soldiers who died in Vietnam. Bench was dedicated in 2009.


Vietnam memorial at Gordon Moore Park.



Winds of War (1965 Alton Seven)

by Moine McGibany

Boys no more

sent off on the Winds of War

Sons and parents say goodbye

trying so hard not to cry

From senior prom

next stop, the “Nam”

From innocence

to killer sense

Monsoons, jungle, rats and rot

sleeping with one eye open on a cot

giant mosquito’s and mosquito nets

the jungle floor provides no rest

The sound of VC not far away

dear Lord, let me live another day

Body bags filled with our Brothers

broken hearts of dads and mothers

Kids with names like Robert, Dennis, Bob and Ron,

Stephen, Larry and Gary, who will never see another dawn

Why oh why was this war

Please Lord, oh please, no more

Free us from the Winds of War

--Moine McGibany


From FB page of Jeff Bernard:


You are not Forgotten

You Silent Souls

Footsteps and Laughter,

Your messages shared

Your presence is felt

Your voices still heard

May The Peace be with You

My Friends

and know You

are Loved by

All You have Touched !

Safe Journey My Friends

For Your travels Above !

We thank You for Your Service

and Your acts of selfless Sacrifice and Valor !

Peace for You My Brothers and Sisters …Forever !



Great 1989 news clip of Dick Alford marching in Memorial Day parade to pay tribute to Vietnam Wall.