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10/21/19 10:51 PM #1996    


Marion Foster (Dimond)

Wife of our classmate Harley Hicks:


HIGHLAND — Betty Jean Hicks, 67, passed away at 6:15 p.m. Friday, Oct. 18, 2019.

She was born on Oct. 25, 1951 in Highland, Illinois, the daughter of Frederick & Evelyn (West) Mansholt.

Betty married Harley E. Hicks on Oct. 4, 1980. He survives.

She was a member of Concordia Lutheran Church in Cottage Hills where she served on the Board & Ladies Association. She was also a member at Thrivent Insurance Bethalto Chapter and a member of I.A.A.P.

Betty is survived by her husband, Harley; children Kimberly (David) Dees of Florissant, Missouri and Jennifer (Brandon) McGuire of Wood River, Illinois; grandchildren Harley David Dees and Kinsley Marie McGuire; sisters Evelyn (Bill) Ambrose of Bethalto, Mary (Tom) Thompson of Grafton and Barbara (Paul) Stumpf of Edwardsville; sister-in-laws Phyllis Hicks of Elsah and Cindi Lee of Cape Coral, Florida; and several nieces and nephews.

Betty is preceded in death by her parents; Fred and Evelyn Mansholt, mother and father-in-law; Harley and Opal Hicks, brother-in-laws; Roland Hicks and Lynn Simburger.

Visitation will be from 4-7 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 23 at Elias, Kallal, and Schaaf Funeral Home in Godfrey, Illinois.

Funeral service will be at 10 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 24 at Elias, Kallal, and Schaaf Funeral Home in Godfrey.

Burial will follow at Valhalla Memorial Park in Godfrey.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to: Shriner's Hospital and/or American Diabetes Association.

Elias, Kallal and Schaaf Funeral Home in Godfrey is in charge of arrangements.

Online condolences and guest book may be found at


ELSAH — Emergency crews recovered a vehicle from Piasa Creek with the body of Betty Hicks, 67, inside, as identified by the Jersey County coroner.

Hicks was extricated from a vehicle that was submerged in the creek at a spot along Beltrees Road in rural Elsah, approximately one mile west of Illinois Route 3.

QEM Fire Protection District and ambulance personnel, along with Jersey County Sheriff’s Department deputies, were first dispatched at approximately 3 p.m. Friday.

A lifelong resident of a nearby home estimated that Piasa Creek to be between 15 feet and 20 feet deep at the spot where the vehicle was recovered, with an extremely steep incline.

10/22/19 07:23 AM #1997    


Linda Hicks (Montayne)

Happy Birthday to Stanley Feldman, Stephen Feldman and Steve Hanudel.

10/23/19 11:09 AM #1998    


Linda Hicks (Montayne)

Happy Birthday to Pat Dean. 

10/24/19 11:19 AM #1999    


Linda Hicks (Montayne)

Happy Birthday to Joan Ellen Gill.

10/24/19 11:23 PM #2000    


Linda Hicks (Montayne)

Prayers for our classmate Shirley Bullard's granddaughter-inlaw 28 year old  Rachel Lakoduk who is missing in Moses Lake Washington after not returning from a hike.

10/25/19 09:51 AM #2001    


Linda Hicks (Montayne)

Happy Birthday to Cindy Taylor.

10/25/19 11:57 AM #2002    

Ronald Frost

In today's paper 10-25-19 Marilyn Sauls Dawson has died . She is the sister to the late Delores Sauls Morgan our 65 class mate.

10/25/19 02:02 PM #2003    


Marion Foster (Dimond)

Our classmate Lyle Ward's SIUE exhibit on Miss. River Festival, which he organized. Link to more pics on his Facebook page.

Image may contain: indoor

Image may contain: 2 people, indoor

No photo description available.

Image may contain: people standing

Image may contain: 2 people


Lyle Ward

October 20 at 11:11 PM

My Mississippi River Festival 50th Anniversary Exhibit opened last night in the SIUE Lovejoy Library.

It will be up for the next two weeks on the first floor.


10/27/19 01:53 PM #2004    


Linda Hicks (Montayne)

Happy Birthday to Mary Gilbert.

10/29/19 09:55 AM #2005    


Linda Hicks (Montayne)

Happy Birthday to David Oberlink and Gaylen Osborn.

10/30/19 10:28 AM #2006    


Linda Hicks (Montayne)

Happy Birthday to Nelson Lewis. 

10/30/19 12:39 PM #2007    


Kenneth Hise

Gaylen, I hope this finds you doing well on your Birthday too!



Happy birthday to everyone!


Ken Hise

11/01/19 11:41 AM #2008    

Ronald Frost

Marlene R. (Ham) Baldwin died 10-29-2019 She was the step mother to Kathy ,who is married to Paul Glassbrenner our 65 classmate .

11/03/19 12:54 PM #2009    

Ronald Frost

June Marie Hopkins 94 died 10-30-19 She was the mother to our late class mate Janet Hopkins Williams who died 11-15-15 .

11/03/19 01:01 PM #2010    

Ronald Frost

Mary Elizabeth Childers Kletti 57 grad of AHS has died 10-12-19 She was the sister to Orin Childers our 65 classmate .

11/05/19 09:32 AM #2011    


Linda Hicks (Montayne)

Happy Birthday to Jane Cook.

11/06/19 09:35 AM #2012    


Linda Hicks (Montayne)

Happy Birthday to Connie Cronk.

11/06/19 10:11 AM #2013    

Ronald Frost

Billy Webber died 11-3-19 He was married to Carol Stutz our 65 class mate .

11/07/19 11:00 AM #2014    


Linda Hicks (Montayne)

Happy Birthday to Karen Cox.

11/07/19 11:49 AM #2015    


Camelia Zumwalt (Fisher)

Happy belated birthday Connie! Many bright wishes for ever so many more.

11/08/19 08:15 AM #2016    


Linda Hicks (Montayne)

Happy Birthday to Dick Alford.

11/10/19 09:02 AM #2017    


Linda Hicks (Montayne)

Happy Birthday to Dennis Martin and Patricia Wyman.

11/11/19 04:15 PM #2018    


Linda Hicks (Montayne)

Happy Birthday to Ronnie Hise.

11/11/19 07:50 PM #2019    


Marion Foster (Dimond)

Thanks to all our veterans!

Please post any additions or corrections. If you want to add a SHORT description after your name, you can email it via CONTACT US or to



  1. Alford, Dick—Army, Vietnam
  2. Baird, Royal--Army
  3. Baker,  Jim*—Army, Vietnam
  4. Barnett,  Larry—Air Force—Lt. Col.
  5. Bassford, Curt—Army, Vietnam
  6. Baum, Gerald*--Army
  7. Beers, Karl—US Coast Guard
  8. Berkel, Andrew*--Army, Vietnam
  9. Bernard, Jeff—Army, Vietnam, Warrant Officer Helicopters
  10. Biggs, Charles*—Army
  11. Blaine, Ronnie—Marines
  12. Bohn, Charles*—Marines, Vietnam, Purple Heart
  13. Boliard, Ronald*—Air Force
  14. Bono, Dick—Army
  15. Booth, Forrest Martin –Army
  16. Borman,  Larry—Army, Vietnam
  17. Bosaw, Steve – Army
  18. Boschert, Mike—Army, Vietnam
  19. Boyd, Gary—Army, Vietnam, Captain
  20. Bradshaw, Steve--Navy
  21. Bratton, Terry—Army
  22. Britt, Wayland—Army, 2/77FA, 25th Infantry Division
  23. Broyles, Roy – Army, Vietnam
  24. Brewster, Emmanuel—Army
  25. Brown, Jon—Army Security Agency
  26. Brown, Gerry—Air Force
  27. Brown, Sherry—Navy
  28. Brunaugh, Warren* – Army
  29. Bull, Robert*—Marines
  30. Butler, Dick—Army
  31. Carroll, Bill*—Marines, Vietnam
  32. Carver, John L.—Army, Vietnam1/46th Infantry
  33. Casey, Napoleon*—Army
  34. Casper, Gary—Marines
  35. Cassidy, Mike*—Army Ranger, Vietnam
  36. Chamberlain, Linda (Hartmann)--USAF
  37. Cordes, David—Army
  38. Cox, Donald*—Army
  39. Dalton, David—Army
  40. Danforth, Gene—Marines, Vietnam, Sgt.
  41. Darr, James—Air Force, Vietnam 1968-69
  42. Darr, Stephen—Navy
  43. Davis, Randall*—Navy, Vietnam
  44. Davis, Robert D.*—Army, 11th Infantry, Fifth US Army
  45. Davis, Robert N.*—Marines, died in Vietnam*
  46. DeFrates, Don*—Air Force
  47. Dick, Edward M.*—Air Force, Vietnam
  48. Dietel, Dale*—Army, Vietnam
  49. Dilley, Donald—Navy
  50. Diserens, Don—Army
  51. Dixon, George—Army
  52. Dooley, Dennis*—Army, died in Vietnam
  53. Duffey, Jim—Army
  54. Dunn, Michael*—Army
  55. Dunnagan, Jeffrey—Army, Captain, Artillery
  56. Elliott, Jim*—Army
  57. Erwin, David—Army--1st Signal Battalion, 337 Signal Co. DaNang.
  58. Evans, Robert J.—Navy
  59. Farrow, Bob*—Navy, hospital corpsman
  60. Fones, Ben*—Air Force
  61. Freer, Steven—Army LTC retired
  62. Frost, Ron—Army, Medical Corps.
  63. Fulk, Richard—Army
  64. Gadel, Judith*—Army
  65. Gates, Glen—Air Force
  66. Generally, Willie—Army, Vietnam
  67. Gillean, Gary*—Army, died in Vietnam*—Purple Heart, Bronze Star
  68. Glassbrenner, Paul—Army
  69. Gleason (Strader), Yvonne--Army
  70. Goree, Robert—Navy
  71. Green, Dave*—Marines, Vietnam
  72. Griesemer, Robert—Navy
  73. Grove, Larry*—Army
  74. Ham, Tony—Army, Vietnam
  75. Hamby, David*—Air Force, Vietnam
  76. Hamby, Larry—Air Force
  77. Hamilton, Earl—Army
  78. Hamilton, John—Army, Vietnam
  79. Hand, Tracy “Lenny”—Army
  80. Heil, Tim*—Marines, Vietnam
  81. Henderson, James R.—Army
  82. Herbstreit, Carl*--Army
  83. Herron, Carl “Kirkie”*—Air Force
  84. Hise, Ronnie—Army
  85. Holliday, Danny—Army, Vietnam, Hospital Corpsman
  86. Holt, Jim*—Army, Vietnam
  87. Homer, Francis*--Navy, optician
  88. Hooper, Tom—Army
  89. Hurley, Mike—Marines, Vietnam
  90. Hussman, Bob—Air Force, S/Sgt.
  91. Jennings, William--Army
  92. Johns, Barry—Army
  93. Johnson, David W.— Army
  94. Jones, Mike – Army, Vietnam, Military Intelligence
  95. Jones, Ruby—Army
  96. Jordan, James
  97. Kanyo, James—Air Force
  98. Kaus, Arthur (Butch)—Marines
  99. Keidel, Larry*—Army, Vietnam
  100. Kennedy, John—Army
  101. Kennedy, Ken—Air Force, Special Agent, Office of Special Investigation
  102. Knoche,  David—Army
  103. Knottnerus, J. David—Army, Medical Corp.
  104. Kuchnicki, Peter—Army
  105. Lahr, Allen – Navy
  106. Lewis, Eugene—Army
  107. Lewis, Nelson--Marines
  108. Lewis, Spencer*— Air Force
  109. Liebreit, Rich—Navy & Air Force Reserves
  110. Locke, Bob--Navy
  111. Losch, Joe—Air Force
  112. Lutes, Joe*—Navy
  113. Lyons, Toby—Marines
  114. Macias, Frank—Army
  115. Mackelden, John—Army, Vietnam, Bronze Star
  116. Madson, Robert*—Army—died in Vietnam*
  117. Malloy, Roger—Air Force
  118. Maple, William*—Navy
  119. Martin, Dennis—Army
  120. Maucker, Earl—Air Force
  121. McCartney, Herb—Air Force, Technical Instructor
  122. McCormick, Doug—Army
  123. McCormick,  James Earl—Air Force
  124. McCormick, James Earnest—Air Force
  125. McGibany, Jim—Army
  126. McGibany, Moine—Army, Vietnam
  127. Miles, Robert Junior*--Air Force
  128. Miller, Roger—Navy
  129. Mouser, Donald--Army
  130. Mueggenburg, David—Army, career, retired CW2
  131. Naugle, Jerry—Air Force?
  132. Newby, Charles—Air Force
  133. Northcutt, Ken—Marines
  134. Nowlan, Kenneth*—Army
  135. Ogle, Carl*--Army, Vietnam
  136. Osborn, Gaylen—Army
  137. Pace, Randy—US Army Security Agency
  138. Parrish,  John—Navy
  139. Penning, Jack—Air Force (Reserves)
  140. Perotka, Roger—Army
  141. Porter, Kenny*—Army, Vietnam
  142. Prather, Larry—Marines
  143. Rain, Buddy—Air Force
  144. Randall, Charles—Navy
  145. Rallo, Joe—Army,  Vietnam, helicopter pilot
  146. Reams, Alfred—Army SP4
  147. Redman, Bob—Marines, Vietnam, heavy weapons rockets & flamethrower
  148. Reid (Schmitt), Donna*—Army nurse, Vietnam
  149. Reynolds, Robert—Army
  150. Rice, David—Army
  151. Riley, Alice*—Navy
  152. Riney, George—Army 5th/27 Artillery (Gunner), Vietnam
  153. Roberts, Ira—Navy
  154. Robertson, Marilyn (Taylor)—Air Force
  155. Rook, Pete—Air Force
  156. Ruckman, Michael*—Army, Vietnam
  157. Ruffner, Ron-- Navy Corpsman in Vietnam
  158. Sauls, Franklin “Rusty”*—Army, Vietnam
  159. Sauls, Otis*—Marines, Vietnam
  160. Saunders, Richard—Army
  161. Schildroth, Leonard—Navy
  162. Schneider, Paul—Army
  163. Scott, Dave—Army
  164. Scott, Daniel B.—Air Force 1966-1970
  165. Scott, Walter—Marines, 20 years service
  166. Shea, Dennis--Army
  167. Sherfy, Bruce—Air Force
  168. Sherwood, Tom—USMC
  169. Shoberg, Stephen--USAF
  170. Sims, Jerry—Army, Vietnam
  171. Skiff, Richard—Air Force
  172. Sloan, Dan—Army
  173. Smith, George*—Navy
  174. Sorbie, Tom—Army, Vietnam
  175. Spears, Larry—Army, Vietnam
  176. Springman, Ron—Army, Vietnam 2 tours 1967-68 & 1971-72
  177. Stahl, Ralph*—Marine Corps Reserves
  178. Stewart, Courtland—Marines
  179. Summers, Fred—Navy
  180. Tarver, Greg—Army
  181. Taul, Ronald—Air Force
  182. Taylor, Fred—Army
  183. Thomas, William
  184. Thompson, Bernard--Army
  185. Tolbert, Charles—Army, Communications
  186. Tripp, Roger—Navy
  187. Tucker, John Thomas—Air Force
  188. Turk, Randy—Army, Corp of Engineers, Korea
  189. Unverzagt, Stanley—Army
  190. Viviano, Jim—Air Force, Vietnam
  191. VonHatten, Bill—Army
  192. Wadsworth, Bill—Marines, Vietnam
  193. Wakefield, Ralph—Marines
  194. Wahl, Morris*—Army, Vietnam
  195. Ward, John—Army electrician
  196. Washpun, Richard—Navy, mine sweepers
  197. Watkins, Roger—Air Force
  198. Webb, James E.—Army, Vietnam, 1967-68
  199. White Richard—Army
  200. White, Steve—Army, Vietnam
  201. Whitten, Charles—Air Force
  202. Wilson, Ron*—Marines—died in Vietnam*
  203. Wingerter, Tony*—Air  Force
  204. Witcher, Lenny*—Marines—died in Vietnam*
  205. Wittman, Dan—Navy, Air
  206. Woods, Stephen*—Army—died in Vietnam*
  207. Yinger, Richard—Army, Signal School Instructor
  208. Zumwalt, Camiela (Fisher)—Air Force 1965-1968







11/12/19 10:02 AM #2020    


Linda Hicks (Montayne)

Happy Birthday to James Kanyo.

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