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Friends: Podhorn/Parrish


Reformation Warrior, David Parrish

By Paul Edward Podhorn Jr. on Sunday, July 17, 2011 at 12:13 AM, from Facebook

I lived on Aberdeen, near Milton. Less than 2 blocks down from my house, lived David Parrish, with his older brother, Dale. He went to Milton Grade School. I went to St. Matthews Catholic Grade School. He went to Southern Calvary Baptist Church, on Washington, near Brown.

I had Catholic friends, but Dave was my first non-Catholic friend, and first real friend. Musta been somewhere about 1st grade. We played on Aberdeen a lot, after school, even after Church on Sundays. 1 Sunday, as usual  we were to meet after lunch, sometimes long after lunch.

Can't remember if we called by phone or how we knew, but we'd meet about 1/2 way between each other's parents so we could hatch our plots to have fun without parental interference. 1 Sunday, the usually calm Dave is rushing towards me. Had a mean look in his eyes. Before I could say "Hi", he jumps on top of me with his little fists pummeling my little head and chest. He's yelling, "You Devil Catholic." I finally claw out from under Dave, being a Pacifist Catholic, I ask this suddenly belligerent Baptist, "What the Hell?" Or, something to that meaning.

Dave says, good Ole Pastor Taylor, said all Catholics were Devils, and should have their a.... beat. This beat down repentant Catholic (me) and pugnacious Dave went on to have fun that day anyway, and pretty much every day both of us were home all through 6th grade. I stayed Catholic, he stayed a Baptist preacher in the making.

I always figured he was just hungry and antsy  'cause Ole Pastor Taylor had some long long services. Us smart Catholics, we went to the 25 minute early mass.

Once, Dave took me to services. He'd never dare God by stepping into St. Matthews, but I was ecumenical, father Catholic and mother Baptist. No wonder he was so worked up that rough Sunday, Ole Reverend Taylor was plotting a second 30 Years War

Gotta love Alton, 50s-65.

I miss you friend. Thanks for the friendship. We sure had a hard history to heal, the 30 Years War, but we did.

More stories to come on David Parrish, from me, from any of us. I have more, many more, we had a lot of fun in those 6 years of childhood off Milton. No TVs, No computers, No gameboys, just each other for entertainment. Friendship, pure and simple.

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