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All 60s Party 2019

10th Annual All '60s Party, Sept. 28, 2019

Another great street party downtown, with Night Life band and food from Mac's Timeout.


 Cindy Black says hi to Larry Borman, who still lives in Indonesia but also bought a home in his childhood neighborhood.

  Bonnie Roettgers and her sister with Barb Maple.

 Jim & Sheila Darr with leader of Nightlife band.

 Doug McCormick

 Before pic...

Jeff Bernard with Susie Henesey and Barb Maple.

Susie Seifert with website administrators Linda & Marion.

 Maridell Fox & Jerry Sims, with Linda and Doug McCormick.

Moine McGibany & Jeff Bernard with Barb Maple, Janet Ruedin, and Carolyn Breyfogle.

 Roger Perotka and Buddy Rain with Jeff Bernard.

 Bob Redman and Steve Bosaw.

 Sonia Waller

 Sherry (Christian) Spears and Larry Spears. 

 Richard Stilwell with Susie Seifert

 Donna Kennedy and her grandson




Poem For Cathy Scoggins Weirich (AHS grad a few years younger then we are) by our classmate Moine McGibany--a tribute he posted on Cathy's page, to thank her for organizing these huge parties for the past 10 years! The party will continue, backed by Mac's Time Out.

You brought us together
Friends forever
You made a space
to remember long gone days
We came to meet old friends
and share memories that will never end
We came to honor those long lost
and those who paid the ultimate cost
We came from all parts of town
and many different backgrounds
We came from Milton and Pietown
From midtown and downtown
We came from all around
back to Alton, our hometown
Cathy, you made it so
with your beautiful, giving soul