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Here are a few reasons why we have had trouble with our music player.


  1. Our music player (which has playlists on 25 of our webpages) is built in a language called Flash. Adobe Flash has been dying a slow death for many years now as a premier website constuction tool.  In fact, Adobe has announced that by the end of 2020 they will no longer be supporting Flash. Today, most browsers have their flash capability disabled by default.  Consequently, most user are not aware of how they can manually activate flash to enjoy our Website music.
  2. Some users may find that for whatever reason, they may no longer have the Flash application installed on their system.
  3. Our Website company, Class Creator (CC) began with a unique objective: Create a classmate networking environment shaped by the users themselves. Since 2006, thousands of user suggestions have helped shape the classmate world you see today. Because of these suggestions and ever growing technology our website is in a contant change of updating.  You can imagine that when changes are made to a system as complex as this, there are bound to be unexpected and unwanted consequences.

Please rest assured that we administrators will continue to work with the Class Creator techs to mitigate any issue that may arrise.  With regard to the Flash situation please click HERE and HERE for good resources.  Please keep in mind that for most browsers you will prompted to re-enable Flash each time you log in to our site.


I have been told by CC techs that before the end of the year our player will be rebuild in HTML 5, which is the air apparent to Flash. That means that it will work on any browser as well as any mobile device be it iPhone or Android.  O happy day!

If you are still having issue contact TECH BIRD HERE