1905 Tatler - The First Tatler


Source: Alton Evening Telegraph, June 7, 1905

A very pretty little volume is "The Tatler," issued as an annual by the Junior class of the Alton High school. This is the first number. It is the intention to issue a number about the close of each school year. The object of the publication is to give "a true picture of the high school life." "This issue contains events of interest from May 1, 1904 to May 1, 1905." 


There are pictures of the principal and teachers of the school, the building and its interior arrangements, groups of pupils, and of the athletic members. A number of articles written by former and present pupils find places in The Tatler. The course of study is given and much information that will be interesting to all friends of the school, as well as pupils, past and present. The art department reflects credit on the editor of that department. The entire issue is one that not only the editors and assistants may well be proud of, but all the patrons of the school.


Below are selected pages from the very first Tatler.