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Good Morning Miss Dove


Good Morning, Miss Dove is a 1955 DeLuxe Color and CinemaScope film which tells the sentimental story of a beloved schoolteacher who reflects back on her life and former students when she is hospitalized. It stars Jennifer Jones, Robert Stack, Kipp Hamilton, Robert Douglas, Peggy Knudsen, Marshall Thompson, Chuck Connors, and Mary Wickes.

The screenplay was adapted by Eleanor Griffin and based on the bestselling novel by Mrs. Frances Gray Patton, Good Morning, Miss Dove which was based on three short stories she had written for The Ladies Home Journal: The Terrible Miss Dove, Miss Dove and Judgment Day and Miss Dove and the Maternal Instinct. The film was directed by Henry Koster.

A 60' TV adaptation, with Phyllis Kirk in the Jennifer Jones role, was seen in 1956 as part of the weekly anthology The 20th Century-Fox Hour.


  • Jennifer Jones as Miss Dove
  • Robert Stack as Dr. Baker
  • Kipp Hamilton as Jincey
  • Robert Douglas as Porter
  • Peggy Knudsen as Billie Jean
  • Chuck Connors as Bill Holloway
  • Marshall Thompson as Pendleton
  • Biff Elliot as Rev. Burnham
  • Jerry Paris as Rab Levine
  • Mary Wickes as Miss Ellwood
  • Richard Deacon as Mr. Spivey


The film opened to generally good reviews and good box office in November 1955. A review in The New York Times commented: "Since it is unashamedly sentimental without being excessively maudlin about its heroine, 'Good Morning, Miss Dove' deserves credit for being honest and entertaining."


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